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How to Search Blog Blog Benefits Zombie + Dummy

How to Search Blog Blog Benefits Zombie + Dummy - Maybe for the beginner blogger must still confuse with what understanding the zombie blog and besides what also benefits or blog function zombies if we've got it,Now you do not have to worry because here I will give an explanation about it's all in order to better understand all the bloggers friends again in this blogging game.

Understanding And Benefits Blog Zombie

Blog zombie is a type of blogger same as we use in general, it's just that for some reason the blog was removed by its owner or removed by the blogger so that we can re-register the address of the blog.

"Surely you ask or a bit puzzled why should register a zombie blog that has been deleted or the back, we can list it with a different name?" The reason is because there is a difference in PageRank, Domain authority (DA),
Backlink, as well as a good Ranking The search engines, especially if we get a zombie blog Pagerank (PR) 1, 2, 3, 4, even 5 from google page rank, it is very useful for SEO or promote our blog by utilizing backlinks and PageRank of zombie blog that you have got besides you can also sell them to other blogger friends with prices to match.

blog zombie

How does Blog Zombie Hunting?

Before you begin to look for a zombie blog, you should prepare your weapons should proceed:
  1. Google Chrome Browser / Mozilla Firefox
  2. Adonis Link Checker (as a detector of the blog link is active or not)
  3. Add-ons Seoquake / Mozbar to know the PR, DA, and PA.
  4. A glass of warm coffee to accompany the process of hunting

Furthermore, if the equipment you have now time to further proceed to the main mission to find a zombie blog. Please follow the good tutorial blog below.
  1. Open the Google search page in your browser mozilla or chrome
  2. Enter some dork techniques as follows footprint on your browser search
site: blogger.com/profile "keyword"site: blogger.com/profile admin = "keywords"site: blogger.com/profile keyword "keyword"site: blogger.com/profile keyword Location: "country"site: blogger.com/profile keyword On blogger since "months and years"site: blogger.com/profile Gander keyword "sex"As an example:site: blogger.com/profile "seo"site: blogger.com/profile admin = "seo"site: blogger.com/profile keyword "seo"site: blogger.com/profile keyword Location: "Indonesia"site: blogger.com/profile keyword On blogger since "april 2014"site: blogger.com/profile keyword Gander: "male"
3. After loading the search as above has been completed, you will find two types of title on a search that searches "Google+ behind" and "blogger profiles" ordinary.
Consider the example image below.

search google plus blog zombie profileINFO : You should visit is the link next to the search results "Profiles Blogger" is not a Google+ profile.

4. After selecting the blogger profiles that you enter, then go to the appropriate link Addons Link Checker on the browser you use (For the mozilla browser, right click and select check page links and if you use Google Chrome is situated at the top right hand corner). After performing way above it will look like on the image display:

search results zombie blog account

If the link is green it means that the blog is still active. If the link is red it means that the blog was dead.

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5. Please pal click the link if there are red. Wait until the loading is finished entering the intended page. After that you will definitely find between two possibilities As an example, in the screenshot below:

zombie blog can not be registeredzombie blog can be registered

INFO: If you get a message like the picture at number 1, meaning a zombie blog can not be listed. But if you get a message like the picture number 2 is a sign if you managed to find a zombie blog and you can register by clicking the orange button.

How easy is not the way to hunt zombies blog? But if you do not get a blog address can be registered should buddies do not despair Please try again the possibility of fate you will get a blog zombie own page rank 1,2,3,4 or 5. see also : How to Change the Font, Color, Font Style and Size in Wordpress.
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I am regular reader of your blog and no doubt it all stuff is awesome. The best thing about your sharing and posting is that you always provide content that is helpful for both the newbie and experts. Looking for more stuff and tutorials.

Love from Tech Solutions Desk

thanks I now understand how to find the blog zombie in a manner described by your article above thank you very much
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